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Financial Resources —Did you know that there are many financial resources that can help people living with breast cancer? Find out more

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2015 Race for the Cure Happenings:


Thank you for a great 2015 Race for the Cure! Check back soon to find out how much was raised for those in Wyoming.

Race Results


Wyoming Race Participant Quotes:

Donna Petsch (Laramie)-
    Wonderful outpouring of love!
Anne Jocobsen (Laramie)-
    Reverse the route so it is downhill that way.
Melisaa Tinney (Laramie-Burns)-
    The celebration was wonderful!
Linda Hait (Charlotte Florida)-
    An awesome experience with beautiful people!
Bev Simpson (Lincoln)-
    I am a survivor and accidentally stumbled upon the Race when visiting my daughter a few years ago.  Now we make attendance at the Race a yearly thing.  I love what you are doing here!
Susan Harris (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)-
    I am a survivor.  This is fantastic to do this with my daughter.
Kathy Brett (Laramie)-
    Beautiful Day!  Need Race pins to give out at Cheyenne Race!
Therese Morse (Larimar, CO)-
    Very Original!  Love it!
Kim Cullen (Platte)-
    Always a wonderful crowd for a great cause!
Brenda Alexander (Laramie)-
    Always fun!
Enette Meyer (Laramie)-
    Great fun! We however, had to look for registration.
Gina Hammock (Laramie)-
    Amazing as always!
FM & LT (Laramie)-
    Beautiful weather for a race!
Mary Lou Epline (Laramie)-
    Very Enjoyable and Inspirational!
Malea Heward (Carbon, Shirley Basin)-
    Inspiring and Fun!
Sonja Fornster (Laramie)-
    Race was wonderful!  Thanks for doing it!  Appreciate the vendors.
Janice Nelson (Laramie)-
    I've been coming for several years as a survivor (9 years this year).  It's wonderful and my son used to race with me, but he's in college this year.
Beth & Emma Knox (Adams, CO)-
    My daughter and I had a blast!  Wonderful!
Erin Wilson (Goshen)-
    Great event as always!!
Shari Romero (Laramie)- Blog Comments:
The 5K Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure this morning was another inspiring event that taught me some very important things:
1. I still do not enjoy running.
2. I don't quit!
3. Don't wear thongs during a race. It is better to go commando.
4. The super expensive athletic earbuds for the iPod don't magically
transform you into a speed demon.
5. Don't be distracted by the little kids and geriatric crowd who
pass you.
6. Enjoy the experience and atmosphere of people who are truly
inspiring each other just by showing up and putting one foot in
front of the other for a great cause.
7. The port-a-potty is no laughing matter.
8. Keep your head up, your arms pumping, and your mind focused
on the moment.
9. Cherish a man who will tell you how beautiful you are when you
are a sweaty mess. I love you, Thor Romero!
10. Remember those people who have battled breast and other
cancers....still doing their race every day and not quitting, for
they are the true warriors.
I finished the race in record time seeing how I have never been timed before. LOL I only walked a little, ran most of it, and sprinted across the finish line. Then we had the most lovely breakfast on the grass with some wonderful people from Magic City and said hello to lots of folks we knew. I'll be back to my regular workout tomorrow with sore thighs and the knowledge that I am a Champion because I care, and I try, and I won't give up. Thank you to everyone who supports, tolerates, and loves me. I love you too!


 Affiliate Updates:


2015 Community Grants now awarded in 20 counties!!